QA Apprenticeships

Aberdeen, Bath, Berkshire, Birmingham, Bristol, Buckinghamshire, Cambridge, Central London, Cheshire, Coventry, Dartford, Dumfries and Galloway, Falkirk and Stirling, Farnborough, Glasgow, Inverclyde, Kent, Kingston upon Thames, Lanarkshire, Liverpool, Manchester, Merseyside, Scotland, West Lothian, Scotland

The best jobs and highest salaries aren’t just for university goers anymore. Amazon, NatWest, Met Office, Atos, Mitsubishi … what better chance could you get to start your career with the biggest-name brands out there? 

If you’re curious about the Cloud, interested in apps, love all about social media, have an affinity for AI or a soft spot for writing creative content – there’s a future in digital for you. 

Our programmes put the power in your hands. You’ll earn invaluable real-world skills and qualifications (right up to degree level if you like), while earning a pay cheque too. 

We’re looking for apprentices in:

IT - available in England and Scotland

  • Learn about networking and architecture, cloud services, mobile and operating systems, coding and logic and helpdesk systems
  • Get jobs like technical support analyst, network technician or systems engineer, first or second-line helpdesk support

Software and web development - available in England and Scotland

  • Specialise in either C# or Java and learn about web principles, SQL and data modelling and systems development
  • Train for a career as a software developer, app developer, automated test developer or games developer

Digital marketing - available in England 

  • Learn to plan and execute marketing strategies, develop marketing tactics, unleash the power of social and work with SEO, PPC and Google Analytics
  • Become a digital marketing executive, content coordinator, SEO executive, analytics executive, digital marketing technologist

Digital applications – available in Scotland

  • Gain the ability to competently and confidently use digital applications in the workplace, from office tools, finance systems, web systems to any other bespoke or off-the-shelf digital application
  • You will be equipped to work in roles such as office administration, website development and publishing, application super user

Data analytics - available in England 

  • Discover how to find crucial information, translate numbers to plain English, present it and make useful recommendations to inform effective business decision making.
  • Career opportunities include, data manager, data analyst, data scientist, data modeller, data architect or data engineer

About QA Apprenticeships:

When it comes to your future, a QA apprenticeship can open doors and change the game. We are the UK’s leading tech apprenticeship provider. Over the last 10 years, we’ve helped more than 30,000 apprentices start in-demand careers in tech and business.

The outcomes speak for themselves: over 92% of QA apprentices go straight into full-time jobs after completing.