Data Apprentice

Newcastle upon Tyne

Employer description: 

Bulien are a data consultancy addressing all challenges associated with data from connecting to it, transforming it and driving insight/decision from it. We’re a small boutique consultancy based in the north of England with clients such as the NHS, universities, financial institutions, large retail enterprises etc. 


We are now looking for an eager candidate to join us as an apprentice. 

You will have the opportunity to gain valuable skills, knowledge and experience as you complete a Data Analyst - Level 3 Apprenticeship. 

The technologies we work with are easy to learn and we’ll be providing a lot of support and encouragement for the accepted candidate to pick them up and run with them. It is our expectation that the apprentice would climb through the ranks at Bulien. 


£12,500 per annum.

Main responsibilities: 

  • Ultimately the successful candidate will be shadowing our consultants and learning the technologies we work with and the approach we have to (data) problem solving
  • Attending both sales & technical calls (for experience)
  • Learning code-free & code-free technologies such as Alteryx, DataRobot, Power BI etc.
  • Extracting, Transforming, and Loading data in a variety of platforms (Alteryx, Knime, Matillion)
  • Developing bespoke data solutions in R, Python, and Alteryx
  • Implementing a variety of solutions, including (but not limited to) Machine learning, Time series analytics, predictive analytics, text mining, spatial data analytics.
  • Creating visualizations for data using Alteryx, Power BI, Amazon QuickSight
  • Delivering high-level discussions and recommendations on data technology stacks
  • Aiding the implementation of data warehouses to small and large organisations
  • Actively upskilling in data science fundamentals and platforms through online training and certifications
  • Creating community and blog posts sharing knowledge of data science solutions - regularly in the top 10 solution authors on the Alteryx Community
  • Completing Alteryx weekly challenges 

Desirable skills:

  • No prior knowledge of the technologies we utilise is required, they’re easy to learn by their very nature and we’ll provide all the skills and support required to pick them up.
  • What would be desirable is a real interest in getting into the data space and to becoming a data consultant
  • Our consultants are like customer facing data analysts – half the battle is being able to understand the challenges and solve them with technology, the other half is being able to articulate these solutions to our clients so communication is just as important. 

Experience: [beneficial, not essential:] 

Whilst it’s not essential, any experience in these areas would definitely be useful for the candidate: 

  • Report writing 
  • Business Intelligence tools 
  • Excel users with experience of formula writing 
  • Problem solving or data analysis 
  • A SQL or other programming/coding background (R/Python/HTML/C#/Java/etc./etc.) 
  • A desire to learn new technologies 

Personal qualities: 

  • We’re looking for a relaxed team player who can muck in and crack on with the team   
  • Problem solving and presenting are both big parts of what we do so someone who is eager  enough to dig out an answer on the internet if it’s not something they’re immediately aware of
  • We’re a small business so we’re a lot like a family – daily interaction with all members and all parts of the business but there will still be plenty of autonomy for the successful candidate 
  • They’ll be expected to manage their own time and to manage projects 
  • There’ll be a learning curve as they literally learn the technologies we offer and the way we work but we’ll be hoping that they can shadow our consultants and begin supporting and adding value relatively quickly 

Entry requirements:

The entry requirements for this programme are as follows: 

  • 3 GCSEs (or equivalent) at grades 4+ (A-C) in any subject 
  • GCSE Maths and English (or equivalents) at grades 3+ (D or above) 
  • Prospective apprentices must not hold an existing qualification at the same or higher level as this apprenticeship in a similar subject 

You may also have a combination of qualifications and experience which demonstrate the minimum foundation needed for the programme. In this instance you could still be considered for the programme. 

If you hold international equivalents of the above qualifications, at the time of your application you must be able to provide an official document that states how your international qualifications compare to the UK qualifications. 

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From day one they will be a key component of the business and exposed to all elements of it – they will not be a small cog in a big machine, they’ll be able to see how their work translates into value for our clients.

Future prospects:

We’d be looking to bring on an apprentice with a view to them flying through the ranks to become a consultant in short order. 

The starting salary for a junior consultant is £25K. If the apprentice chose to leave Bulien after the apprenticeship, they would do so with a wealth of experience in cutting edge software and techniques as well as considerable experience of working within a well-oiled but small operation. 

Important information:

QA’s apprenticeships are funded by the Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), an executive agency of the Department for Education.

To be eligible for a Government funded apprenticeship you must have lived in the UK or European Economic Area (EEA) for the last 3 consecutive years.